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Registered Nigerian Dwarf Goats
Herd tested CAE & JOHNES Negative link in gallery at bottom of page

I’m located in Macomb, Missouri. Goats have always been a passion of mine. I’ve had Alpines, Nubians, and even Boers but the Nigerian Dwarf’s, what can I say? They will steal your heart. Not only adorable and sweet but give a surprising amount of milk for their size. Now that I’m older the Nigerian Dwarf’s are all I have. While I do have some with fantastic show lines my main focus is on milk production.

Goats are HERD animals. I will NOT sale to a home that only wants just ONE for a pet. They NEED a buddy! If you want just one doe for milk I would suggest you pair her with a wether. Goats NEED a shelter to get out of rain, wind, and snow. If you don’t have a barn or shed a calf hut with a half opening with the opening turned away from wind will suffice for dwarf goats. Dog houses are not big enough or good enough shelter for goats! They CAN NOT live on just grass, weeds or brush. They need good hay, especially in the winter. I feed alfalfa to the girls and brome or orchard for the boys. Boys can get urinary calculi from alfalfa or to much grain. I do give my boys some grain but a 12% and not a lot. Always have fresh water and salt with mineral for them at all times.

Kids are guaranteed healthy at the time they leave my ranch. They will be disbudded, have 2 CDT vaccinations, wormed, tattooed and a copper bolus at weaning. Due to the nature of goats, risk of loss transfers to new owners once the goat leaves my farm. You are welcome to have them vet checked (health certificate) at your expense prior to picking them up.  If you purchase one of my goats I assume you have read this. I reserve the right to refuse a sale.

Kids will come with ADGA registration application. All kids or goats are sold on a first come first serve basis. You may place a nonrefundable deposit to hold a kid of your choice until weaned, usually eight weeks. Exceptions may be made if you have kids of different ages on hold within a 2 to 3 week window in age and live more than a few hours away. If kids are not pick up in a timely manner after the youngest is weaned I reserve the right to cancel the sale and keep the nonrefundable deposit. Deposit is $100.00 each kid. Deposit is also nontransferable after 24 hours. If something should happen on my end the deposit will be returned. I do NOT offer a multiple discount as I feel my prices are already more than fair. I do NOT except CHECKS. I do accept paypal with a 4% charge. Will also except cash at pickup. A receipt will be given. Contact me before placing a deposit. I do get pretty busy at times so please be patient with responses to emails, calls and texts.
Thanks and have a blessed day!