For LOCAL pickup only! For their well being I do NOT ship chicks or eggs. Priority mail has become to unpredictable. 

Updated 3-26-24

California Grey Chickens are egg laying machines. While resembling the barred rock these girls lay approximately 300 large WHITE eggs a year. I have not had to buy winter eggs since having this breed, no freeloaders with them. They are predominately auto-sexing, although occasionally I get a chick that’s iffy. But for the most part the females are black and the males are what I call silver backs at hatch.  They are the most docile of white egg layers. They do forage well when allowed.

Male chicks $0.50, Female chicks $4.00 each. Available in about 3 weeks.



Calico Cochin Bantams. Not only are they adorable but these little cuties are super sweet and will fly up into my lap. $4.00 each, straight run only. some available 3-29-24.