For LOCAL pickup only! For their well being I do NOT ship chicks or eggs. Priority mail has become to unpredictable. 

Updated 4-11-23

California Grey Chickens are egg laying machines. While resembling the barred rock these girls lay approximately 300 large WHITE eggs a year. I have not had to buy winter eggs since having this breed, no freeloaders with them. They are predominately auto-sexing, although occasionally I get a chick that’s iffy. But for the most part the females are black and the males are what I call silver backs at hatch.  They are the most docile of white egg layers. They do forage well when allowed.

Male chicks $1.00, Female chicks $4.00 each. None at this time.



Calico Princess Chickens are an auto-sexing breed. Males are white and females are red at hatch. Layers of lots of large brown eggs.  They seem to grow fast. Females vary in color from light reddish to a barred reddish color with some black blended in. Males are white with some black barring and a few spots of red. These will not be available for awhile yet.


Speckled Susscess Chickens. These will be available in straight run as I haven’t mastered vent sexing. Layers of medium to large light brown eggs. Not only are they some of the friendliest chickens but VERY pretty as well. Will not be available for awhile.


Calico Cochin Bantams. Not only are they adorable but these little cuties are super sweet and will fly up into my lap. None available at this time.