( I keep a “CLOSED HERD” and do NOT breed my bucks out)

You MUST read home page BEFORE purchasing one of my goats!


The NAMES on the pictures of babies are that of the DAM for reference and is NOT the name of the baby! You get to name the baby!

 PLEASE do NOT bring a whole group of people with you or at least have them wait in the vehicle with only 2 people at the most to exit the vehicle.

HOLD means that kid has a deposit on it. PENDING means I am awaiting a deposit.

For those who have asked: Single = 1, twin = 2, triplet = 3, quad = 4, and quint = 5 in birth

With a heavy heart I decided to sale some adults. See adult pages for adults for sale.

Newer babies recently added!


Dam: Ladybug ~ Sire: Renegade ~ DOB 11-13-22, BOY, Cou Blanc, BLUE eyes $400.00 WEANED and READY TO GO!

See Ladybug’s udder pics in gallery!



Dam: Glamour ~ Sire: Maverick ~ DOB 11-7-22, GIRL 3, Chamoisee, white splashes, BLUE eyes, triplet, $450.00 Friendly, WEANED and READY TO GO!



Dam: Mischief ~ Sire: Brisco ~ DOB 9-30-22, GIRL 1, Gold and White, moonspots, big brown doe eyes, Triplet, $400.00 WEANED and READY TO GO!




Dam: Pumpkin ~ Sire: Chance ~ DOB 1-15-23, BOY, Black, some white, BLUE eyes, $350.00                                                He might be a bit on the plain side but nicely built. Pumpkin is a heavy milker. His sire’s dam has a great udder and his great granddam is Teacher’s Pet. His triplet sister is heavy moonspotted. 


His triplet sister is for reference, NOT for sale!


Dam: Treasure ~ Sire: Buckley ~ Darker Gold, Some white, BLUE eyes, $450.00 Treasure’s udder pic in gallery.



Dam: Treasure ~ Sire: Buckley ~ Buckskin and White, BLUE eyes, $450.00 PENDING MK                                         Treasure’s udder pic in gallery.



Dam: Treasure ~ Sire: Buckley ~ Buckskin, HEAVY moonspotted, BLUE eyes, $475.00 Huge moonspots!             Treasure’s udder pic in gallery.



 Dam: Chanel ~ Sire ~ Eclipse ~ DOB 1-21-23, GIRL Chocolate and White, BOY 1 Chocolate roan and White, BLUE eyes, BOY 2 Chocolate, minimal white . Selling as a FAMILY, Chanel and 3 kids!  $900.00 Babies were quads but the smaller black and white girl did not make it.



Dam: Remi ~ Sire: Cosmo ~ DOB 1-22-23, GIRL 1, Smokey Cou Clair, and White, $400.00



Dam: Remi ~ Sire: Cosmo ~ DOB 1-22-23, GIRL 2, Cou Blanc, Extensive White, $400.00



Dam: Flirt ~ Sire: Eclipse ~ DOB 1-24-23, GIRL, Black and White some roaning, $400.00