( I keep a “CLOSED HERD” and do NOT breed my bucks out)

You MUST read home page BEFORE purchasing one of my goats!


The NAMES on the pictures of babies are that of the DAM for reference and is NOT the name of the baby! You get to name the baby!

HOLD means that kid has a deposit on it. PENDING means I am awaiting a deposit.

For those who have asked: Single = 1, twin = 2, triplet = 3, quad = 4, and quint = 5 in birth

  POLLED means, born naturally HORNLESS, all others are disbudded.

  Website is updated according to events or status but is kept current.

Newest babies are toward the bottom



Champions on both sides of Chanel’s Kid’s background. Her belly is covered in darker gray moonspots as well!

Dam: Chanel ~ Sire: Brisco ~ DOB 2-23-24, GIRL 2, Black, HEAVY Moonspots, $400.00 READY TO GO!



Dam: Covergirl ~ Sire: Brisco ~ DOB 3-10-24,  BOY Black and White, BLUE eyes,  lots of gray moonspots even though they are hard to see in pic, WETHER,  Unfortunately this little guy will not be available for awhile. He broke his front leg on a hay feeder I purchased from Jeffers Pet! I wrote a review warning people about the sheep and goat feeder but they have yet to publish my review. I have 7 of the older style of this feeder and have never had a problem with that design but the newer design, that you have to put together yourself, has a MAJOR FLAW, nine 2″ by 2″ gaps at the top of the feeder that kids can, do get their legs hung up in it! The old design was pre-welded and did not have the gaps. My guess would be they changed the design to save on shipping as the box is more compact that way. This little guy will have to ware a split for some time!  I never seen him climb on feeders before so thought he would be ok with it, my mistake. I feel so bad especially since my little Flirt girl had already broke her leg on this same feeder!


Dam: Kaiya ~ Sire: Chance ~ DOB 4-5-24, GIRL 3, Black and White, BLUE eyes, $400.00 Kaiya udder pics in gallery! Kaiya is a Pumpkin daughter!



Dam: Rebel ~ Sire: Graybeard ~ DOB 4-7-24, GIRL 1, Black and White, $400.00,  Rebel udder pics in gallery!



Dam: Sorsha ~ Sire: Max ~ DOB 5-12-24, GIRL, Chamoisee, some white, BLUE eyes, $400.00



Dam: Ramona ~ Sire: Graybeard ~ DOB 5-18-24, GIRL, Smokey Cou Clair and white, BLUE eyes,  BOY 1, Smokey Cou Clair and White, BLUE eyes, BOY 2 Gray roan and White, BLUE eyes, as a family with Ramona. Ramona is a beautiful blue roan with BLUE eyes and sweet but a little on the smaller side so not fitting my program.  Both her parents are Champion sire! $650.00 for the family! The babies are quads but the last girl was stillborn.



Dam: Sky ~ Sire: Maverick ~ DOB 6-1-24, GIRL 1, Sundgau, Moonspots, BLUE eyes, $450.00, Sky’s udder pics in gallery. 



Dam: Sky ~ Sire: Maverick ~ DOB 6-1-24, GIRL 2, Sundgau, some white, BLUE eyes, $425.00 Sky’s udder pics in gallery. 



Dam: Sky ~ Sire: Maverick ~ DOB 6-1-24, BOY, Gray and White, both parents have blue eyes but I believe his are brown, Sky’s udder pics in gallery. buck status pending


Dam: Zia ~ Sire: Styles ~ DOB 6-13-24 More info soon!